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Hipot Tester Series Product Introduce

  RK2674A/ RK2674B/ RK2674C/ RK2674-50/ RK2674-100 Withstand Voltage Tester RK2674A Withstand Voltage Tester Product Introduction The RK2674A Withstand Voltage Tester Of Meiruike Is The Measurement Instrument For Compressive Strength,It Mainly Used For Insulation Leakage Safety Test Of Product.It Can Test The Electrical Safety Performance Index Of Breakdown Voltage,Leakage Current Of Which All Kind Of The Measured Object Intuitive,Accurate And Fast,And Can Be Used For Testing The Components And Overall RK2672AM/ RK2672BM/ RK2672CM/ RK2672DM Withstand Voltage Tester R K2672AM/ RK2672BM/ RK2672CM/ RK2672DM Withstand Voltage Tester Product introduction The RK2672AM Withstand voltage tester of Meiruike is the measurement instrument for compressive strength,it mainly used for insulation leakage safety test of product.It can test the electrical safety performance index of breakdown voltage,leakage current of which all kind of the measured object intuitive,accurate and fast,and can be used f
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Shenzhen Meiruike Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction

Shenzhen Meiruike Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Founded In 2006, It Is A High-Tech Enterprise Dedicated To The Research And Development, Production And Sales Of Test And Measuring Instruments , Meters And Related Industrial Equipment. Meiruike Insists On Independent Innovation, And Has Developed And Produced Safety Regulations, Medical Safety Regulations, Ultra-High Voltage Withstand Voltage Meter s , Digital High-Voltage Meters , DC Low-Resistance Testers , Smart Power Meters (Power Meters) , Linear Power Supplies, And Switching Power Supplies. The Company Has A Group Of Excellent Technical R&D Personnel With Many Years Of Rich Experience, Dedicated To Providing Customers With High-Quality Products And Advanced Solutions, Solving Measurement Problems For Customers, And Improving Test Efficiency And Product Quality. At The Same Time, We Can Also Design Customized Products For Special Purposes And Specifications According To Customer Needs, So That Every Customer Is More Satisfie